Business Policy

Business Policy

Business Policy

The shiny Seven Stars light up the world and spread the smile worldwide from Asia.

Business Direction

The Global Network for Confectionary
To create "the valuable proposals" for developing confectionary projects.
To explore "the valuable products" from the Asian countries and areas.
To present "the valuable products" to the Asian countries and areas, then spread to the worldwide.
To set up the borderless cooperation network of producing, distributing and selling from Asia and connect the world with confectionary.

★The Valuable Products Proposal

Not only quallity,artwork,but also food safty comply with Japanese, Korean,and other countries' standard.
We are seeking high quality and quantity,tasty,good cost performance products.
we are exploring and developing valuable products from high quality suppliers in Asia.

★The Borderless Cooperation Network

The friendly borderless surrounding is made to join together, not only for the manufactures or the retailers, but also for any person or any company relevant to the business,as long as they are able to benefit the network which need to explore, develop the products from each country and sell to each country.